Medications Matter

The Mission

Creating strategic partnerships to transform healthcare experiences through medication optimization. 

Experience and Professionalism

Strategies for medication optimization will look different across organizations. 

  • Are you an Accountable Care Organization with value based contracts? 
  • Are you a self-insured employer group looking to reduce healthcare expenses? 
  • Are you a care delivery leader seeking solutions? 

It's important to work with you to understand your unique value proposition and organizational circumstances. 

Realize the Potential

Medication Optimization is more than just reducing polypharmacy and providing MTM services, it is a shared responsibility of the whole healthcare team. Optimization occurs when medications are indicated, effective, safe and convenient/affordable for each individual patient. Employee productivity and satisfaction also increase when medication use is optimized. 

Comprehensive Medication Management services for our complex patients reduce healthcare costs and alleviates unnecessary, unplanned, high cost healthcare services. When medications are our treatment option 88% of the time for chronic disease, these patients deserve this individualized care. 

These goals are complementary and not mutually exclusive. Let us show you how.